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Water Analysis
2017 Water Analysis Pickups Schedule
9 January
23 January
6 February
20 February
6 March
20 March
10 April
24 April
8 May
23 May
5 June
19 June
10 July
24 July
8 August
21 August
11 September
25 September
10 October
23 October
6 November
20 November
4 December
11 December

Important Notice :

You must take your water sample on same morning of expedition.

Bring your water sample for 9 am on same morning of expedition

*Do not rince or take out tablets in bottle.

They will help preserve water in bottle for several hours.



Microbial analysis of drinking and recreational water




The supplied bottle is sterile and contains a preserving agent. Do not open it until you are ready to take the sample. During the sampling, do not touch the inside of the bottle or the cap. Do not rinse the bottle. Freeze the ICE PACK (included in the box).

Water sampled from a tap

Use faucets located inside or away from the wind or bad weather.

Remove the screen at the tip of the faucet of water filtration system. It is important to use cold water for the sampling and avoid using a single handle faucet. Disinfect the inside and the outside of the tip with a clean, single use wipe and a bleach solution (5 %). Let the water run for at least 5 minutes before sampling. If the sample is taken from a single handle faucet, let the hot water flow for at least 2 minutes before letting the cold water flow for at least 5 minutes. Fill the sample bottle up to the designated line or up to 2,5 cm (1 inch) from the top while holding the cap in one hand and the bottle in the other. Make sure that the water pressure is reasonable to avoid splashing and to avoid losing the preserving agent in the bottle.

Water sampled from a well using a hand pump

Disinfect the inside and the outside of the pump nozzle with a clean, single use wipe and a bleach solution (5 %). Pump approximately 20 times, ensuring that the water does not flow back into the well. While pumping, fill the sample bottle up to the line or up to 2,5 cm (1 inch) from the top.

Surface waters

Drinking the water from a lake is risky, unless you use a proper treatment system. Take the sample from an area where the depth is 0,7 meters (2 feet). While holding the sample bottle from the outside, insert it about 15 cm (6 in.) under water, forming an arc while bringing the sample bottle back to the surface.

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