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Budget Estimates & Taxes

The Municipal Council has approved the budget estimates of $ 2,758,707 millions for 2016. Total for property tax rates was set at $ 0.6182 and the total for agricultural tax separate rates at $ 0.5243. For all the details on budget estimates and tax rates, please see the documents below.

Budget Estimates 2017 >> Rates 2017 >> Tarifications 2017 >>
Budget Estimates 2016 >> Rates 2016 >> Tarifications 2016 >>
Budget Estimates 2015 >>
Rates & tarifications 2015 >>
Rates & tarifications 2014 >>
Budget Estimates 2014 >>
The Assessment role is now available online

It is also now possible, for citizens and professionals, to consult the Municipality of Lac-Sainte-Marie assessment roll and graphic matrixes, as well as for the MRC de La Vallée-de-la-Gatineau and other municipalities of the MRC.

Backgrounder for citizens :
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Tax Bill & Payment

You can now pay your municipal bills using your Caisse populaire ACCÈS-D service or trough any bank offering the direct payment service..

New !!!

You can now pay municipal bills with your debit card, at the municipal office.


The "matricule" numbers on your tax bill has been modified. Be sure to make changes to your financial institution (see coupon #1 of your tax bill).


All receipts will be sent on request only.

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