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LSM Public Market : Questions and Answers

How long has the Market been in operation?

The LSM Market started on June 8, 2013.  The first organizing committee was composed of Susan Crawford Van der Burg, Louise Robert, Alain Guimont, Sandy Mackay, Steve Grover, Sandra Romaniuk and Andrée Bertrand.

Were there consultations conducted prior to the opening?

Several surveys were conducted in La Voix de Chez-Nous during the 2012Winter and the Spring of 2013.  Two formal presentations were made to the Municipal Council in order to secure the support of elected officials. On March 6, 2013, le Council voted unanimously to endorse the Market with Resolution 201303-060.  Council required that a closer consultation be carried out with the businesses in LSM. The Bon Ami Dépanneur, the Lacalong Restaurant and the hardware store gave their support.

What is the mission and the vision of the LSM Market?

The vision is to “contribute to a sense of belonging for LSM residents”.

The mission is to “run a public market that offers local produce”.

The market was conceived as a non-profit activity organized and supported by volunteers.  It contributes to the PADD in that it operates under the Pavillon des artisans that brings people together, it fosters the revitalization of the center of the village and it offers residents the opportunity to sell their produce surpluses.

What does local produce mean?

Local produce is usually defined as fruits and vegetables grown within a 100km radius. The organizers buy the produce from Quebecois suppliers and over the course of the Summer, as the gardens start producing, substitute bought produce for LSM-grown fruits and vegetables.  The substitution works particularly well for zucchinis, lettuces, tomatoes, cucumbers and herbs.

What happens to monetary surpluses?

To respect its non-profit mandate, the market gives its surpluses to community and charitable LSM organizations. Surpluses are defined as what is left over after setting aside money for an operating fund and expenses for the following year.

Who has benefited in LSM to date?

In 2013, the market donated to l’Association des Loisirs de LSM for the activities of their choice. In 2014, the market made a donation to a fundraiser for the Pavillon des Artisans and another to l’Association des Loisirs de LSM for the activities of their choice.

Do businesses belong to the Market?

The market invited several entrepreneurs to join. Two businesses are regular participants in answer to a growing local demand: one bread and pastry maker from Kaz-Gracefield and a maple syrup producer from Grand Remous. At the traditional Fête des Voisins in early June, the Market hosted a nursery, various crafts, organic producers, etc.

Do businesses pay to attend the LSM Market?

Businesses pay the price of their table meaning $15.00 for a half day and $20.00 for a full day. These revenues are integrated to the Market’s overall budget and become part of the donations made every year.

Can LSM residents sell their own produce at the Market?

Yes. Residents can sell their surpluses as soon as their gardens allow it. They are responsible for selling their produce and the Market asks for a donation at the end of the day. 

What happens to the unsold vegetables?

In 2014, the market would give the leftover produce to the LSM individual responsible for Meals on Wheels. Unfortunately, this person had to give up her volunteer work and the Market now sells at a loss to the Lacalong Restaurant.

Do organizers receive free fruits and vegetables in exchange for their time? No. Organizers pay the full price.

How many individuals come to the Market on Saturdays?

In 2013, there were between 30 and 70 persons per Saturday.  This increased from 40 to 90 in 2014.  2015 was the busiest year with 60 to 120 visitors. It seems that our clientele is increasing incrementally rather than dramatically.

Who attends the Market?

First and foremost residents and cottagers. This summer many who took part in the activities organized by Mount Sainte-Marie stopped by.  Campers and fishers often partake.  A couple from Low has made the Market a Saturday outing. We recognized many devotees but this summer saw an increased number of clients who came for the first time.

Does the Market promote other LSM activities?

Yes.  The market distributes La Voix de Chez-Nous, informs shoppers about present and upcoming activities, announces new initiatives and encourages all to participate.

Has the Pavillon des artisants contributed to the success of the Market?

Le Pavillon has attracted many new customers.  Everyone was impressed by the structure.  Some took pictures to “show their own municipality”.  Others took the measurements of the building. We often heard from people who live in LSM and from people who don’t, that ”things were really happening here”. The organizers loved operating under the Pavillon. It kept them dry, cool and happy. 

LSM Market Team

Monique Allard-Guimont, Nicole Chabot, Paul Grondin, Alain Guimont, Louise Robert, Sandra Romaniuk

Date of operation: June to September
To reserve a table contact Louise Robert 819 467-2057

September  2015

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